How to Become a Member

Process to apply for membership:

This membership application form is in two parts in order to ensure that the confidentiality of the information provided is respected. The first part contains financial information, criminal check form and references that are only accessible to our staff. The second part asks for information on your household: This will be used by the membership committee when assessing your suitability for membership into our community.

The application must be accompanied with a copy of valid identification for all people listed in the household 16 years and older. Identification must include the present address or a copy of a utility bill with the occupants’ name and current address must be accompanied with the identification if the address is not present on it.

The Co-op will not process your application until a unit is available for offer and your turn on the waitlist has come up. You will not be contacted until then. It will be up to you to update the office if your contact information has changed during your time on the waitlist.
Once you have been contacted for an opportunity to move-in, the office will request that you update the information and process your application. At this time, you will be required to provide the credit check fee and the criminal check fees for your application to be processed.

Currently, the credit check fee is $30, and the criminal check fee is $38 per person, for all persons 16 years and older. All people moving into the Co-op 16 years and older will be required to have their criminal checks done through our internal process only. We will not accept past criminal checks for your volunteer or work service. The prices listed are subject to increase without notice.

Once the criminal check, credit check, financial check and landlord check have been completed and approved, you will be contacted to sign the Occupancy Agreement and pay the required Member Deposit. The Member deposit is equal to the housing charge for the size of unit you are requesting for step 2 off the application process.

Please return the completed application and documentation to:

Fairlea Park Housing Co-operative, Inc.
3019 Fairlea Crescent
Ottawa, ON K1V 0N8

Application Form

At this time Fairlea Park Housing Co-op is not accepting applications.

Housing Charges

Two Bedroom

Phase 1
$1,199.00 Month

Two Bedroom

Phase 2
$1,193.00 Month

Three Bedroom

Phase 1
$1,309.00 Month

Three Bedroom

Phase 2
$1,304.00 Month

Four Bedroom

Phase 1 & 2
$1,419.00 Month